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Urban Villages

LEED Certification & Solar Scoping

Urban Villages is a real estate development and property management firm located in Denver, CO. Their mission is to create places that endure, connect, and inspire through a holistic approach to building and design. For the past 7 years, UHG has worked with Urban Villages to analyze their portfolios, set strategies for improving building efficiency and human experience, and integrate the use of renewables into their properties. UHG has managed the LEED certification process for several of their buildings, evaluating not only the environmental benefits of green certification, but also the economic and market benefits.

Currently, UHG is assisting Urban Villages in a solar scoping and battery storage feasibility analysis for two of their commercial buildings in downtown Denver - the Sugar Cube (144,000 SF) and Historic Sugar Building (64,000 SF). With the goal of generating a significant portion of the buildings’ energy from solar and relying on energy storage for peak energy hours, UHG is taking a whole systems approach. This methodology includes fully understanding Urban Villages energy goals, evaluating rooftop capacity, researching alternatives to onsite solar such as wind power and community solar programs, and sizing battery storage to meet building load requirements. To complete this project, UHG has worked closely with Xcel Energy to understand and leverage the utility’s renewable energy incentives and the City of Denver to abide by zoning regulations.

UHG’s long lasting relationship with Urban Villages underscores its expert knowledge of green building systems, creative approach to sustainable building management, and thorough project management capabilities.

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