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LEED Certification

UHG provides a menu of options for organizations that wish to achieve LEED Certification.

UHG can tailor its involvement to your needs by project managing every facet of the LEED project, providing support to staff performing the heavy lifting of LEED, or becoming involved in specific LEED credits.

LEED Certification: Services

Pre-Application Analysis

If LEED certification is a goal for your organization but you're unsure how achievable it is for your building, UHG can help with a Pre-Application Project Analysis. This analysis is a 1-2 month study of a property to determine where it stands in relation LEED. UHG will meet with staff and collect data from the property to accurately estimate: 

  • How many credits a property can achieve

  • How long the certification process will take

  • What LEED certification with cost

  • What steps need to occur before the performance period can begin

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LEED Project Manager

The LEED process relies heavily on the documentation of the project by a local source. The creation of this documentation can be very time consuming and precise, thus most organizations hire an experienced firm like UHG to manage the process as LEED Project Manager. In this role, UHG normally works alongside the property management, engineering staff, and third party contractors in the following roles:

  • Manages the entire LEED process

  • Coordinates team work loads

  • Fills in the gaps and works with clients

  • Minimizes client staff spent on LEED certification

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LEED Project Coordinator

Some organizations have the bandwidth to perform the numerous tasks required for LEED. These organizations wish to have someone coordinating their work efforts and providing LEED templates for staff to fill in. For these organizations, UHG acts as Project Coordinator: 

  • Manages the entire LEED process

  • Coordinates team work loads 

  • Provides fill-in-the-blank LEED templates

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Additional LEED Services

LEED Credit Expert

  • Execution of the LEED Custodial Effectiveness Assessment

  • Performance of a LEED Waste Audit

  • Creation of LEED-specific surveys

LEED Maintenance

  • Performing regularly scheduled LEED check-ups

  • Maintaining LEED policies

  • Performing yearly reporting on credits previously achieved

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