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Camp Emerald Bay

27% Water Reduction & 746,400 Gallons Saved


Situation: Camp Emerald Bay, a Boy Scout camp on Catalina Island, has maintained a relatively constant level of water use. Recently, the price per gallon has increased 400%, creating a significant financial burden for the non-profit organization. 

Solution: Camp Emerald Bay entered into a partnership with UHG Consulting in an effort to reduce their water use and cost. 

UHG worked with Camp Emerald Bay to identify water savings via the following two means: 

1. Water Fixture Replacements​​

A comprehensive facility analysis revealed that several fixture upgrades would produce significant water savings. UHG paid for all fixture replacements, the cost of which was then recouped from the savings. 

​2. Water Use Education

UHG and Camp Emerald Bay worked together to educate the Camp's water users, developing a system of signage, water-use trackers, and other ongoing education pieces. 

Outcome: Camp Emerald Bay has saved 746,400 gallons annually since working with UHG, a 27% reduction compared to previous years. These savings were achieved as zero cost to the Camp itself, with all facility upgrades paid in full by UHG Consulting. 

UHG earns only a portion of what it is able to save Camp Emerald Bay in utility bill costs each month. If no savings are achieved, nothing is owed. 

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