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CSR Strategies & Organizational Development

Many organizations want to be more sustainable, but it's challenging to take the first step.

Often, corporate sustainability initiatives fail before they get off the ground because of a lack of collaboration across departments or a clear management plan. 

UHG develops strategies for corporate teams to holistically manage initiatives and guide the process of linking actionable metrics at the operational level to high level strategies. 

An initial organizational assessment is an essential first step to assess needs and set goals. 

The standard initial assessment includes: 

  • Engaging corporate stakeholders in the creation of the plan

  • Identifying sustainability champions

  • Creating buy-in regarding goals

  • Selecting projects to achieve goals

UHG will then work with an organization to: 

  • Set measurable goals & design a plan

  • Begin implementing the plan

  • Set up metrics around the initiative

  • Create standardized reports to track progress

During the change management process, UHG provides the implementation support necessary to achieve organizational alignment and success.

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