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St Julien Hotel & Spa


Situation: The St Julien Hotel & Spa was build as a four star, four diamond, full service luxury hotel. Its ownership group was committed to reducing the Hotel's environmental impact, but did not want to negatively impact the guest experience or undertake retrofitting projects requiring large capital outlays. 

Solution: The Hotel partnered with UHG Consulting to reduce utility costs and create a brand associated with environmental stewardship. 

Outcome: Setting and Research Goals 

UHG Consulting conducted a full analysis of the Hotel's operations, including electricity use and demand, gas use, the hotel's waste stream, and employee training and education, and collaborated with the ownership group to set goals relevant to reducing costs and generating revenue, while not sacrificing guest experience. 

The first step was to design and institute utility savings programs: 

  • Focus of Back of House Operations First - Programs which reduced utility costs and did not impact the guest experience were given priority. 

    • Water fixtures in kitchens, employee bathrooms and employee showers​

    • Motion sensor controlled lighting in storage and low traffic areas

    • Lighting & HVAC policies for administrative areas

Once savings programs were initiated, the hotel could focus on generating sustainability driven revenue: 

  • Hosting Conferences for Sustainability Driven Companies

    • Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, Probuild ProEarth University, WhiteWave Foods, 10 For Change​

  • Hosting Community Based Events

    • Earth Hour, Earth Day, Arbor Day, America Recycles Day, Lights Out Lunch​

  • Attracting Eco-Travelers

Overall, the hotel generated over $340,000 in sustainability driven revenue and utility costs were reduced by $115,000, a 19% reduction from the previous year.

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