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Energy Savings

& ENERGYSTAR Benchmarking

ENERGYSTAR certified buildings help save the natural environment while reaping the benefits of annual energy cost savings.

UHG's team of energy experts can assist you in creating and managing and ENERGYSTAR portfolio for your building(s). Whether under a time crunch or simply unfamiliar with energy benchmarking, our clients oftentimes hire us for our national benchmarking knowledge to ensure legal requirements are filled accurately, completely, and on schedule.

UHG can manage your ENERGYSTAR portfolio by accurately inputing building data and creating energy reports to maximize your score. 

Eligibility: Building with a score of 75 may be eligible for ENERGYSTAR certification. 


  • Certification helps increase a building's overall value. ENERGYSTAR certified buildings generate more income on average compared to similar buildings without certification.

  • Certified buildings use 35% less energy on average, reducing your business emissions and energy costs. 

  • ENERGYSTAR is the only energy efficiency certification that is based on verified energy performance, making your buildings all the more attractive to potential buyers and lessees. 

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