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Urban Green Development

Microgrid Planning and Development

UGD is a team of real estate developers, social entrepreneurs, and financiers committed to sustainable real estate development in the communities in which they operate. UGD continues to seek out UHG’s energy consulting services when designing and installing internal microgrids on their commercial and residential apartment buildings in the Denver, CO area.

With an insider understanding of how investors, financial markets, utilities, renewable contractors, and municipalities view microgrid infrastructure, UHG has managed UGD’s projects from the initial scoping phase, to the design phase, to the installation phase, to measuring the success of the system for a least a year after installation is complete.

While UHG’s expertise encompasses evaluating solar options, the company partners with Kronus Engineering (lithium ion battery experts) to complete the battery scoping, design, manufacturing, and installation. Because of their close, reliable partnership, UHG is able to provide creative insight into the battery planning process to ensure all possible energy saving methods, including load shifting opportunities, are considered.

Urban Green Development: Client
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