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Union Leasing Corporation

Sustainable Property Management

ULC owns a portfolio of real estate holdings throughout the United States and hired UHG to manage the environmental impact of its US portfolio. UHG has been responsible for providing recommendations on how to reduce each property’s environmental footprint. As such, UHG has worked with management to upgrade mechanical systems, size and install solar arrays currently in use, and reduce emissions at each property through developing individualized programs based on the existing infrastructure, geographic considerations, and surrounding community.

In addition to updating building management systems, UHG cut emissions through reducing waste and water usage, rearranging transportation opportunities, and providing green alternatives to limit standard travel impact. UHG’s involvement has been instrumental in receiving LEED certifications, installing solar arrays, charging stations, and green roofs, negotiating with local municipalities to find mutually beneficial public-private partnerships, and receiving numerous sustainable travel and business awards over the past 10 years.

Although not every site in the portfolio has installed solar, UHG has done a renewable review of every site and identified the financial terms by which the installation of solar, wind, geothermal and other relevant technologies would meet the company’s internally driven IRR standards and thus get installed.

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