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Energy & Waste Audits

UHG Consulting works in city's such as Boulder and Los Angeles to help commercial, industrial, and residential buildings reduce their energy, waste, and water consumption to reduce utility bills and comply with city ordinances.

Energy & Waste Audits: Text

Energy Audits

Energy Audits are a great way to examine how a facility is operating. UHG can design an audit to meet a client's need or perform a standard ASHRAE Level I or Level II Energy Audit. 

A typical Energy Audit includes: 

  • analysis of current energy usage

  • examination of building operation schedules

  • lighting load breakdown

  • energy consumption profile

  • inventory of systems and devices

  • recommendations on ways to reduce energy bills

Expected results: 10-25% reduction in energy bills

Pricing on energy audits are dependent upon building size, usage, and complexity.

Waste Audits

Waste Audits help organizations become more efficient. The best way to reduce your waste bills and the amount of material that is brought to the landfill is to examine the trash. A typical UHG Waste Audit includes:

  • examination of current waste bill

  • analysis of the current waste collection process

  • physical examination of an organization's trash

  • recommendations for improved waste management

Expected results: 10-30% reduction in trash 

Pricing on waste audits is dependent upon the amount of trash that needs to be examined. 


Water Audits

Water Audits are most often performed on multi-family residential apartment units. A typical UHG Water Audit includes: 

  • analysis of current water usage

  • analysis of current water bill

  • examination of building's internal water fixtures

  • examination of all external water uses

  • examination of building occupancy patterns

  • recommendations of ways to reduce water bills

Expected results: 20-35% reduction in water bills

Pricing on water audits is dependent upon building size and complexity. 

Energy & Waste Audits: Services
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