SBA 504 Green Loans

UHG can help you secure multiple loans for your business through green loan analysis.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers 504 fixed asset loans to entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to secure funding for the purchase of construction of real estate and/or the purchase of business equipment/machinery. 

In order to qualify for an SBA Green Loan, which seeks to meet Energy Public Policy Goals an organization must prove it meets the following requirements: 

  1. A 15% reduction in existing energy consumption. This cannot apply to a startup business, however, and existing business buying a building may be eligible if the new location uses at least 15% less energy than the prior location;

  2. Installation or upgrade of renewable energy sources at the property. This can include onsite solar or wind production, or utilization of renewable fuel such as ethanol or biodiesel. Once installed, at least 15% of the building's total energy must be derived from these renewable sources. 


Level I Energy Consumption Analysis

Analysis of Existing Energy bills and scheduled energy reduction measures which will reduce energy by 15% and need an SBA 504 compliant report.

Level II Energy Audit

Analysis of Existing Energy bills, scheduled energy reduction measures, and recommendations to reduce energy. Option best for organizations which do not know the magnitude of their property improvements and the need a SBA 504 compliant report.

Renewable Energy Analysis

Analysis of energy consumption and proposed Renewable Energy System. Option best for the organizations which have a renewable system picked out and need a SBA 504 compliant report.

Renewable Energy Design

Analysis of energy consumption and design of a Renewable Energy System to meet SBA 504 requirements. Option best for organizations which desire to pursue a renewable system, need help designing the system, and require a SBA 504 report.