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Adams County Colorado

Sustainability Management Plan

UHG was hired by Adams County to create the County’s first Sustainability Management Plan. As such UHG was tasked with working with 25+ County Departments and cross departmental personnel to create a plan to make the County’s buildings, employees, and fleet more efficient. 

UHG’s directive was focused on creating long-term infrastructure to benchmark the current programs and provide the information necessary to establish policies, budgets, and plans to increase the efficiency of County operations. Putting aside UHG’s efforts in energy, waste, and culture development, UHG helped Adams County put in place idle reduction policies, vehicle tracking reporting, cross-departmental gas mileage competitions, benchmark analysis tools and fleet efficiency goals.

With a comprehensive understanding of municipal policy, economic incentives behind successful sustainability programs, and an unbeatable rolodex of key industry leaders, UHG was uniquely equipped to direct Adams County toward a future that fits the unique needs and goals of the community.

Adams County  Colorado: Client
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