Veloce Energy

Battery for Charging Station

UHG, in partnership with Kronus Engineering, has been hired by Veloce to design and provide initial manufacturing of a fully operational 3-4 port microgrid. The system will be installed in retail outlets as a battery system solution for DC Fast charging and storage and grid reliability.

UHG and Kronus were brought into scope, design, and manufacture a modular charging station with stationary storage. The initial system will be built and installed in Boulder using off-the-shelf international brand name products. The system is designed to run as a standalone system, which can be connected to renewable resources, grid power, or localized microgrids. It is initially designed to have 1-5 charging stations with the capacity to charge two vehicles simultaneously per station, and re-charge via the grid or renewable energy.

The purpose of the battery is both to flatten the demand spikes of the charging station by providing demand response capabilities, as well as to provide utility grade power normalization while maximizing the energy utility of a battery. The system design would allow for the capability of sending power to the vehicle, battery, and grid, as well as receiving power from the grid, renewable energy, battery or vehicle.

UHG’s primary role for this project is to streamline the execution of each deliverable by providing project management and research assistance. Because of its unique breadth of industry knowledge, UHG is able to contextualize project goals within the grander scope of building a more sustainable world.